Club Officers

Brian Estarella-Murphy 

Why We're Great >

Hi Everyone, My name is Brian Estarella-Murphy.

I am a Molecular & Cellular Biology Major.

I aspire to transfer to Stanford or UC Davis to finish my under grad to then apply into Medical School!

I enjoy hiking, reading modern philosophy and drinking coffee; cold brews or lattes to be more specific☕️!


I would like to become an Interventional/Allopathic Cardiologist so that I can help my family and friends.

I made the decision to go into cardiology when my father was sent to the hospital for a triple bypass surgery due to fatal heart conditions.

I advocate and will stand for all Black, LGBTQIA+, Latinx, Muslim, DACA/AB-540 and Undocumented communities and families worldwide!

Easiest way to bribe me or get to my heart is with coffee!

Giselle Camas
Public Relations

Why We're Great >

I am a Public Health and Biology Major!

I plan to transfer to USC for undergrad, to apply to Medical school to Become a Pediatric Surgeon.

For fun I play softball, play video games, play guitar and sing!

Sadly Coffee doesn't do much for me, but my heart will always choose boba and ice cream ☺️

Jasmine Beutell
Vice President

Why We're Great >

I am a Molecular & Cellular Biology Major.

My goal is to transfer to UCLA for undergrad, to then apply into Dental School!

I love to Hike, Draw, visit the beach and hangout with my friends!

An Easy way to get on my good side and or bribe me is with coffee and snacks from trader joes! :3

Alissa Torres

Why We're Great >

I am a Biology Major.

I am planning to transfer to UCLA as my undergrad, to then apply to Medical school to become an Orthopedic Surgeon.

I enjoy doing MMA, Watching UFC, hanging with friends, going on adventures, being involved in sports as well as giving back to the community!

I volunteer as often as I can and help assist children with disabilities to play sports as well as help them with their academics.

Amy Foote

Why We're Great >

Advisor of Biology Club 

Director of MESA

Professor of Biology

Leah Flores Gutierrez 

Why We're Great >

​I am a Biology Major


I am studying to become a veterinarian and to hopefully open up a clinic.


I want to help animal lovers in low-income communities, so that they can provide their pet with the best care.

I enjoy dancing, it is my favorite thing to do. I love going out on hikes and adventuring different locations that I have never been to before.


Honestly!!! I'm just a friendly person and try to be inclusive of anyone around me, but if you catch me slippin', let me know!!!

Angie Porter
Events coordinator

Why We're Great >

​I am a Bioengineering major.

One of my life goals is to help as many people before I die, even if they don't know I helped them. 

I hope to invent medical devices that can help diagnose patients efficiently and effectively.

I love being outdoors and anything related to outdoor activities! I love rollerblading, hiking, playing sports and going to the beach!

If you invite me on a spontaneous trip its nearly impossible for me to say no, Ill even help you plan everything out. :3

Ahnley Moran

Why We're Great >

I am a Biology and Psychology Major

I am interested in going into Vet school once I finish undergrad to then become a veterinarian!

For fun I like to Hike, Read and spend time with my dogs.

The best way to my heart is definitely animals and true crime books and documentaries.